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Metal pedal car determined to prove his worth on the tracks that life is not always in the first Toy Story director John Lasseter machinery like-minded tale of friendship and loyalty over the finish line. Lightning McQueen (Owen Wilson voting) can only be a novice, but he believes he can achieve his dream of the checkered flag to increase if he can compete in the upcoming Piston Cup Championship, California. When the lightning slow-moving, Route 66 detour radiator spa town, but it began to appear, if he shot big time effectively stalled. Of course not all the Lightning's exciting cross-country pulled up nothing, Porsche Sally (Bonnie Hunt vocal), DOC Hudson (Paul Newman's voice), and the alma mater of the trailer, making this eccentric residents of Radiator Springs types (Larry's voice network experts), eager young drivers noted that sometimes life is about more than race series results
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