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Lily Collins Biography

Lily Collins Biography  
Lily Collins Biography

Lily Collins Biography

Jane Lily Collins (born March 18, 1989) is a British actress and television personality.Life and CareerCollins was born in Guildford, Surrey, England, is a British musician Phil Collins and his second wife, the daughter born in America, Jill Tavelman. She is half of the actors and musicians Ximengqiaoli Collins Collins, sister, two brothers of the remarriage of his father, Nicholas and Matthew Collins. She graduated from the Harvard Westlake School, now the University of Southern California, students of broadcast journalism. She is 22 years, the current 19-year-old evening, the actor Taylor Lautner. Collins Radio Company in the UK the age of two series of growing pains to act. She moved to the United States, its five years, began to show, for Theater Arts Theater Youth College.As a teenager, Collins wrote the British girl Elle Magazine, her column (the title of New York Confidential), but also for seventeen, teen pop, the Los Angeles Times Magazine wrote.She was elected to wear Chanel in 2007, Archibald entrants (a charity ball) at the Hotel de Crillon Hotel in Paris, this is a live reality TV show has one of the three mountains. She was elected to the charm of the Spanish magazine in 2008, their "annual international model", cover of the magazine in August 2009.Collins covered the Nickelodeon show host to pick President.She 2008 presidential campaign of the United States won the Young Hollywood Awards 2008, the last red carpet reporter. " She also appeared in two episodes of 90210, including the 2008-2009 season final. Collins is a Maxim magazine as "the daughter of the most popular rock star" in 2009, one of 20 women a.Collins in 2009 as a film on her daughter  Annituao sexual Gregory Sandra Bullock unexpectedly. Thriller sounds Pastor, Pastor Paul Bettany in front of the soldiers niece Lucy.MTV Networks has she called 'breakout star of concern in 2011'.Collins is a star in the first film, The New York Times best-seller by Cassandra Clare, "the deadly instrument" novel, sixteen, to ensure competition Clary.Abduction Collins came out action thriller, starring this year, Taylor Lautner. Collins cast the lead role in an upcoming adaptation of the Snow White fairy tale, Julia Roberts film.
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