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Lea Seydoux Biography

Lea Seydoux Biography  
Lea Seydoux Biography

Lea Seydoux Biography

lea seydoux is a French actress, born July 1, 1985.  biography  She is the daughter of businessman Henry Seydoux. She is also a generation, Nicolas Seydoux, CEO Gaumont, Lille, Lille football club president Michel Seydoux niece of the president, Jerome Seydoux, granddaughter, play in French. After graduation, she put the proxy class at school, including theater-Royce Terribles Children. In 2005, she appeared in the video, do not leave in anger against Rafael directed by Olivier Dahan.Then, in 2006, she landed a role in the Youth Film "My friend Sylvie Ayme. It is part of the talent at Cannes 2007 Nicolas KLOTZ choice of consolation.His portrayal of the beautiful people that Junia, by road ChristopheHonoré specifically recognized by critics. He appeared in a 5011 advertising of Levi, it removes layers of clothing, and wearing completely different. In 2009, she was elected by the shameless Basterds 2 Quentin Tarantino cameo. Lea Seydoux In this film, my girlfriend partners: Anne - Sophie Frank. In mass production of the Ridley Scott Robin Hood Russell Crowe in 2010, she played Isabella Angouleme.She then take the lead role in the movie beauty Rebecca Thorne Zlotowski screened in competition at Cannes 49th Festival week critique3 20104. She also appeared in the video the little tailor, Louis Garrel and credit in the television series Rose Amos Gitai. In the same year in Paris, she joined the filming of Woody Allen's "Midnight". To use an LEA Seydoux rumors are rapidly replacing the role of Carla Bruni - Nicolas Sarkozy, who in the film. Woody Allen once said, the young actress is another role5. 2011 Elijah became the Prada parfum Candy image, then at the end of this year in Mission impossible : Protocole Fantome the spectrum of the agreement, the fourth installment in the saga of the Mission : Impossible role in Morrow, Sabine.
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