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Levon Helm Biography

Levon Helm Biography  
Levon Helm Biography

Levon Helm Biography

Levon helm was born (May 26, 1940) is an American rock band multi-instrumentalist and actor who gained fame as the drummer and often leads the band harmonies. The helmet is known as his deep soulful voice of the state of stress, and many of the group's recordings, such as "weight", "The day ended on Cripple Creek", "Ophelia" and "they drove old Dixie night, emphasizing the creative drumming style. His 2007 comeback album dirt farmers' income in the February 2008 Grammy award for best traditional folk album, and in November of that year, Rolling Stone magazine ranked him all Time.In2010 electric off-road, the 100 greatest Singer list # 91, 2009 follow-up of dirt farmers, to win the first Grammy award for album of the Americas in 2010.In his inaugural class in 2011, while in Lyman's live album was also nominated the grid Levin America in the same category. April 17, 2012, his wife and daughter helmet on the website announced that he was "in his battle with cancer last stage, and thanked the fans asked to pray.
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