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Jafar Panahi Biography

Jafar Panahi Biography  
Jafar Panahi Biography

Jafar Panahi Biography

Jafar Panahi (born July 11, 1960 Meyaneh, East Azerbaijan) is a filmmaker in Iran, the Iranian New Wave movement of the most influential filmmakers of. He received from around the world of film theorists and critics recognized and received numerous awards including the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival Silver Bear at the Berlin Film Festival. December 20, 2010, Gu FAPA any sentenced to six years and a 20-year ban or direct any film, writing screenplays, Iran, or any form of foreign media interview, and leave the country.  early life  Panahi was born in Iran Mianeh. When he wrote his first book, and then won the first prize in literature competition.At same age, he is 10 years old, he is familiar with film production. 8mm film he shot the film in one, and another to assist in decision making. Later he served as photography. During military service, Dad was ever in the Iran - Iraq War (1980-1988), during this period, a documentary about the war. Dad that what Tehran in Iran Broadcasting Institute film director graduating in 1988.After graduation, Panahi of Iran television films, Abbas Kiarostami's film by the olive trees (1994) Assistant Director to study long. Since then he has directed several films at international film festivals winning numerous awards.
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